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Anyone who has suffered through a drug or alcohol addiction will tell you it’s one of the scariest experiences you could ever imagine. But they’ll also tell you overcoming substance abuse is very rewarding.  That’s just for adults. Now try to imagine the horrors of living with a chemical dependency as a child. Countless teens in Landover, MD struggle with a drug or alcohol dependency each day. Until recently, many had not place to turn for help. However, the new troubled teen helpline in Landover is now providing a forum where parents and teens can find a professional youth rehab center to fit their specific needs.

Many parents are initially hesitant to enroll their child into an adolescent treatment facility. It can be difficult to place the trust of your child’s care into the hands of a stranger. Fortunately, today’s youth rehab centers are the perfect place for young adults to begin their path to recovery. Teen treatment centers employ a caring staff of certified addiction professionals who provide the latest techniques of detox, dual diagnosis, therapy, pain management services and teen depression treatment in a safe and nurturing environment. Patients who complete youth rehab are given the tools and life skills to maintain a sober lifestyle.

If your son or daughter is struggling with a drug or alcohol, it’s time for them to get immediate assistance. Call the troubled teen helpline in Landover today at (301) 761-2017 or send an email to to find the best youth rehab center for your child. Operators are standing by 24/7 to provide guidance and support and valuable information.  Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call today and help your child fulfill their potential.

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